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Start the journey towards a Transformative and Learning Organization today!

Spry Platform is the ultimate SaaS platform for developing your business into a transformative and learning organization.

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Choose the best plan for your business

Spry Insight

Implement a solid foundation for the transformative and learning organization


SEK 4,000

per month

up to50 coworker


SEK 12,000

per month

up to200 coworker


SEK 25,000

per month

up to500 coworker


More than 500 employees?

Ask about your custom pricing plan here

Spry Elevate

Integrate the transformative and learning organization principles

Launched in 2024

Spry Elevate will be launched in 2024.

The Spry Team is now working intensively to explore how AI can create the ultimate application to support the movement to a transformative and learning organization and integrate the transformative organization principles into the core of a business.

Curious about Spry Elevate?

You can be the first to try Spry Elevate - an innovative AI-powered app based on extensive research and proven principles to integrate the principles of the transformative and learning organization into your business.

Safe and fast access

  • Direct Access Spry Platform

  • 4-week money back guarantee

  • Pay by card or invoice

  • Secure payment

  • Free support and help

  • Online community


Want more help?

SpryHouse offers services and programs to help you successfully implement and integrate a transformative and learning organization. All services are based on Spry's framework, methodology and use the Spry Platform as a tool.

There are better way to grow

Discover the untapped potential in your organization and turn it into breakthrough, sustainable and value-creating growth

SpryHouse offers a SaaS platform, a framework, tools and methodology that help your organization grow without compromise.

What is unique about SpryHouse is its simplicity, its holistic perspective and the fact that it puts people at the center. SpryHouse develops the smartness of your organization!

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