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Why Spry

There are better ways to grow

With Spry, a transformative organization is created that constantly has the ability to transform itself to remain relevant and sustainable.

Success in measurable results

SpryHouse provides methodology, frameworks and tools to support businesses on the journey to a transformative and learning organization that can grow sustainably and create value.

With the Spry Platform, organizations strengthen their ability to be in constant change and to learn, develop and grow to reach their full potential. Transparent, employee-driven and measurable!

Organizations using Spry Platform*:

Creates long-term value

80% more committed

More often guided by long-term value creation where the entire organization moves in the  same direction, instead of letting short-term financial goals rule.


54% more holistic system thinking

Better ability to see the organization as a system and how each part works together, to be able to make long-term sustainable path choices and priorities.

Has the customer's focus

58% more customer focus

Greater knowledge and insight into the customer's situation and desire to create as much value as possible for the customer. Customer focus instead of internal focus.

Challenging to get better

67% challenge the status quo

Better at challenging existing ways of working to constantly improve, scaling what works and opting out of others, critically questioning the status quo.

Using technology for change

91% more technology adoption

Better ability to use the opportunities of new technology to drive change and digitize where it adds value.

Better together when using all pontential

34% more collaborative

Better at inclusion and collaboration, internally and externally, to open up many different perspectives and collective learning.

Gives mandate and takes responsibility

39% better to give mandate and responsibility

Better ability to make decisions and solve complex problems through increased transparency and security, gives mandates and takes responsibility. 

Learn with the strategy in focus

45% more learning aligned with strategy

Increased continuous, dynamic and collective learning with a focus on organizational strategic skills 

* Example of results after 1 year of using the Spry platform. Note that the result varies depending on the organization's starting position.

Being a transformative and learning organization provides a number of benefits to the business.

Here are some of them:

  1. Innovative power

  2. Committed employees pif stays

  3. Flexibility and adaptability

  4. Good, strong and quick decisions

  5. Competitiveness

  6. High performance and execution power

  7. Strong brand

Working in a transformative and learning organization is fun!

Here are some of the benefits for you as an employee:

  1. Build career and attraction on the labor market

  2. Have meaningful work with high satisfaction

  3. Gets good at handling change and challenges

  4. Learn to cooperate with dissenters and gain new perspectives

  5. Gain influence and become involved 

  6. Develop as a person

Being a customer of a transformative and learning organization is also good.

Here are some good things you contribute to
your customers:

  1. Outstanding products and services

  2. Fantastic customer service

  3. Responsive and quick to respond to customer needs

  4. Reliable with high confidence

  5. Transparent, open and honest

  6. Thinks about sustainability from all dimensions

Unique framework built on systems thinking

Spry uses a unique framework based on nine engines which are based on systems thinking and research. The engines create a common language for the ongoing transformation to a learning organization and help organizations focus on what has the greatest impact

Motorer eng.png

With the Spry platform, the organization can identify the connections and relationships between different parts of the organizational system, how the parts contribute to the organization's overall success and which prerequisites and capabilities the organization needs to develop in order to create continuous learning, adapt to changes and drive innovation in the pursuit of its long-term value-creating goal. 

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