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Organize for growth and innovation

Workshop - A day with your organization in focus

Envision Workshop

The ability to do the same things faster or cheaper isn't as important as it once was. Today, what's far more important is what an organization and its people can do with the resources they have.

Success is usually measured by having reached financial goals and budgets. This way of measuring success automatically means that we get stuck in what has been and that there is an internal focus on efficiency and productivity. Instead we need to measure success by whether we have moved in the right direction and created more value and impact. That is how we build long-term value and healthy enduring growth. And we need to build growth capacity by developing the organization's way of working. 

This workshop offers an introduction to how to actively invest in owning the future without losing sight of what it takes to be successful today, the art of two-directional thinking. You will get insights in how to lay a foundation for sustainable and healthy growth with the support of Spry Toolbox™.

We will walk you through the process of Spry Envision™ from start to finish. You can choose to work with your own organization or with one of our examples.

Hosted on Zoom, Teams or on-site

SEK 19 990 exclusive VAT

In this workshop you will get insights that will help you

  • Manage the short term-trap

  • Master the foundation for sustainable and healthy growth 

  • Define your organization's Core Transformative Purpose, High Value Impact Goal and your Growth Transitions

  • Identify and asess the impact of your organizations main growth blockers

  • And much more 



Helena Eketrapp

CEO & Founder



Ulrika Frank

Partner & Founder


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