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How to turn a vision into breakthrough growth – 
Your toolkit to succeed

With SpryHouse Growth Capability Platform you receive a platform, a framework, a toolbox and a structured process to build long-term sustained growth capability. You will discover and explore a growth framework, explore your organization's current status, develop and deploy an actionable vision of what the organisation should be - and form a concrete plan to bring this about. 

With SpryHouse's digital tools, you create transparency and participation across the whole organization and throughout the entire process



Build the foundation for growth and innovation

Create or revisit your organization’s Transformative Core PurposeHigh Value Impact Goal and Growth Transitions. This triple is the foundation for healthy, sustainable growth and innovation and they are interdependent of each other. 

Ensure that your organization have the capabilities and skills needed to make it happen.  The Nine Focus Areas enables your organization to take an holistic approach to identify and asses the impact of the core capabilities and skills as well as helping you to identify your organizations main growth blockers. 


Growth Loop - Envision


Create awareness about your organization’s growth blockers

Explore your organization's growth capability with the help of well-proven survey questions. Get the big picture view, by exploring the results of the Spry Growth Capability Scorecard and detailed deep insights by analyzing graphs and data.   



Put funds and efforts where they matter the most.

Get recommendations where to start based on the scorecard result and impact level with the help of the Growth Transition Grid. Prioritize and decide which of focus areas needs to be developed and where to start. 

With  Growth Impact Grid and Growth Transititon Index, you get help to prioritize and decide which of the focus areas to start develop. With the Growth Transition Index, you can also follow your organization's movements.



Create awareness, willingness and commitment

Create awareness, willingness and commitment among all employees to develop the prioritized focus areas, with help of Spry Engagement Cards.

Democratize questioning, use the existing power in the organization and let everyone to contribute to the dialogue. By analyzing the dialogue, get insights, see the unspoken and capture opportunities and problems



Go from “Not started” to “Being

Create movement with the help of Spry Movement Cards to drive change in accordance with the strategic direction and towards the vision statement for current focus areas.


Keep the process going

As you will see, growth capability development is an ongoing process; you must revisit and reshape it continually as its assumptions are tested against reality. In this way, the capability can be constantly developed and strengthened, which contributes to more and more success. Go Growth Loop helps you keep the process going.



Put funds and efforts where they matter the most

Get recommendations where to start based on the scorecard result and impact level. Prioritize which focus area(s) to start develop.


What results can you expect?

  • Your organization, your teams and your people get the tools to reach their fullest potential. And we are not talking about 10%, but 10X.

  • Your organization's growth capability will be constantly developed and strengthened, which contributes to more and more success.

  • Since all Focus Areas have an impact on each other, you will strengthens all Focus Areas even if you only work actively with one or some of them.

  • The process itself contributes to building an organization where transparency, co-creation, inclusion, engagement and collaboration are valued. The people will be trained in this at every step of the process.

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