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Start growing with Spry Growth Capability Platform today

Find your Organizations growth blockers and unlock the full potential of your organization

Choose your pricing plan


4000 SEK

per month

up to 50 employees


12 000 SEK

per month

up to 200 employees


25 000 SEK

per month

up to 500 employees


More than 500 employees?

Request your custom plan here

Safe and instant access

  • Instant access to Spry Toolbox

  • 4-week money back guarantee

  • Safe checkout

  • Free support and advice

  • Online community

There's a better way to grow

Discover the untapped potential of your organization and turn it into breakthrough growth

SpryHouse offers a SaaS platform, a framework, tools and methodology that helps your organization grow without compromise.

What is unique about SpryHouse is its simplicity, its holistic perspective and the fact that it puts people at the very center. SpryHouse unfolds the smartness of your organization!

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