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Stay tuned. We are constantly coming up with new happenings and updating this page on a continual basis.

Spry Envision Workshop

Workshop - A full day with your organization in focus

Spry Envision Workshop offers an introduction how to actively invest in owning the future without losing sight of what it takes to be successful today, the art of two-directional thinking. You will get insights in how to lay a foundation for sustainable and healthy growth. 

During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Manage the short term-trap

  • Master the foundation for sustainable and healthy growth 

  • Define your organization's Core Transformative Purpose, High Value Impact Goal and your Growth Transitions

  • Identify and asess the impact of your organizations main growth blockers

  • And much more 

Organize for Growth and Innovation

Webinar January 2022

This webinar is about how an organization can create better conditions for building sustainable and healthy growth. In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Why people, team and organizations don't use more than 40% of their potential

  • The 9 most common growth enablers

  • Why more than 70% of digital transformation fail

  • Design your organization for breakthrough growth in a fast-changing world

  • Why people and way of working are the real keys to any transformation

  • How to generate continual organic growth

  • And much more

Join our Test group

Challenge your organization and join our test group for SpryHouse

We are looking for brave organizations that want to join our test group to help us to make SpryHouse even better.​

Take the opportunity to learn about the most common and biggest Growth blockers and how you can take a leap for sustainable success. With SpryHouse you will get everything you need to capture and develop your organization's growth capability. You will get access to the platform, a framework, a toolkit and a structured process to build a long-term sustained growth capability. ​

Master Degree Project

What are the characteristics of organizations that have succeeded in building long-term value and healthy enduring growth?
And what is stopping organizations that have stagnated?

Short background

Much attention has been paid over the years to measuring organizational performance, but very little attention has been paid to organizational potential. We see that there is often a focus on short-term financial goals instead of measuring whether the organization is moving in the right direction and how to better use the organization's potential to grow and achieve even more. We believe that many organizations use as little as 40% of their potential.

Examples of tasks

The work involves studying whether there are clear patterns and characteristics in organizations that have succeeded in building long-term value and healthy lasting growth. And if these things can be replicated and scaled in other organizations.


The degree project will be designed in close collaboration with us at SpryHouse. We will support a lot throughout the project. The work involves being out and meeting organizations, preferably using ideas from Design Thinking with methods such as interviews, observations, surveys and using research in relevant areas. 

e-Government Days, Oct 2021

People and how you work are the real keys to successful digital transformation

At the e-government days, Helena Eketrapp from SpryHouse talked about how an organization can tackle today's complex challenges with the digital transformation in a simple and pragmatic way, where people are put at the very center and with a holistic view of the organization.

There's a better way to grow

Discover the untapped potential of your organization and turn it into breakthrough growth

SpryHouse offers a framework, tools and methodology that helps your organization grow without compromise.

What is unique about SpryHouse is its simplicity, its holistic perspective and the fact that it puts people at the very center. SpryHouse unfolds the smartness of your organization!

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