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Growth Capability Scorecard

Metrics for your organization's growth capability!

The key to getting started is not necessarily to do everything at once, but instead clarifying what matters and knocking down the barriers to build growth capability. Once you begin to make progress, your organization is likely to gain momentum, making subsequent efforts easier.  Starting is often the hardest part of the process and you might find that by focusing on one area, you start to empower other units of the organization that were just waiting to move. 


The Spry Growth Capability Scorecard enables you to find out the status of your organization's Growth Capability, create awareness and get a recommended action plan to put funds and efforts where they matter the most.

Spry Exploration Tool

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Simplified actionable digital growth analytics

By asking your employees about their experiences in the areas that have the greatest impact on growth ability and innovative power, you can get an instant picture of the organization's status.


By using the Spry Growth Capability Survey, you do not have to do the work yourself, but get a complete survey with well-selected and tried-and-tested questions within the nine focus areas for growth capability. The results are presented in a scorecard and associated graphs.


Go from "Not started" to "Being"

For each focus area, you will see the organization's status in the Growth capability maturity spectrum from "Not started" to "Being". You can also refine the analysis by looking at the status of each country, region, organizational unit and job role.

By continually assessing the organization, you can follow the progress and with the Spry Exploration Tool you can compare the results from different surveys and over time.

With Spry Growth Loop you will get a structured process to go from "Not started to "Being" and build long-term sustained growth capability. 


Nine Focus Areas - a framework for building long-term growth capability

The nie focus areas describe the organizational characteristics that are common to organisations that have succeeded in building long-term value and healthy enduring growth. The nine focus areas suggest what organisations can do to cultivate, nurture, and enhance these characteristics and to help organizations emphasize them.

9 Focus Areas.png

How to use the results

The Digital Growth Capability Scorecard is an essential part of the Spry Growth Loop and is used in the Explore step. You use the results from the Scorecard as the input when you prioritizing which area(s) to start with. But, even more importantly, with the scorecard, you will create awareness throughout the entire organization about the importance of the Focus areas and your organization's current status. It will build a foundation for the future changes needed to become a smart organization that uses its whole potential.

Growth loop
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