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Spry Framework  

The ultimate framework for building exponential growth

Spry Framework creates the foundation for healthy and enduring growth. It helps organization's to unlock its full potential, turn it into breakthrough growth and to create value for the customer and other stake-holders.


Imagine an organization where growth is all about having delivered more value to customers and all other stakeholders. An organization that measure success in whether we have moved in the right direction and created more value. Imagine an organization with a clear, authentic purpose that helps you navigate in every day work and where people within it are able to use their full potential. Imagine an organization that builds relations with the world outside and uses data to ensure the strength in its value proposition. Imagine an organization where everyone can contribute and are listened to, where people are empowered to make decisions and can contribute with expertise and knowledge in order to help each other. Imagine an organization that helps it customer to succeed every single day.  

That is what we call a Spry Organization, an organization that is nimble and full of life and energy. It is growing healthy and sustainably and is driven by its purpose. A Spry Organization is constantly yearning to deliver more value. 

A SPRY organization is nimble and full of life and energy. It is is growing sustainably and healthy. It is driven by its purpose, focuses on delivering results and constantly yearning to deliver more value



Using two-directional thinking to be relevant today and in the future

Building healthy and sustainable growth is not only about taking time to think how to stay relevant in the future. Above all it is about finding the way to think where considerations are taken to short term demand as well as the opportunities we foresee in the future, a future that is both ambiguous and uncertain. In order to bridge the gap that emerge between the every day business of today and what it takes to stay relevant tomorrow there is really only one way to think, what is called two-directional thinking. It can be described as the ability to actively invest in shaping the future without losing sight of what it takes to be successful today.

Two-directional thinking helps us to work from outside and in, future and back, making  the organization robust and ready to adress the challenges that lays ahead. It gives us multiple options for the future in spite of the ambiguity and complexity that we are facing. It also helps us to look at problems with new eyes in order to find new ways forward. By thinking two-directional it will be easier to prioritize amongst all ongoing initiatives. Our ambition for the future helps us to choose and above all what to opt out and let go of. Value adding activities can be accelerated and those activities that do not build for the future are put to an end in order to release time and resources and put them where they create the most impact and value. 

So, how do you bridge the gap? 
Spry Framework

About Spry Framework

The Transformative Core Purpose is the foundation of the Spry Framework and from which the High Value Impact Goal is formulated. The High Value Impact Goal defines the impact and the value the organization has had once the goal has been achieved. The Growth Transitions marks the way the organization needs to take in order to move in the desired direction. 

The Nine Focus Areas are enablers for the transitions to happen. They describe the organizational characteristics that are common to organizations that have succeeded in building long-term value and healthy enduring growth. Its impact on each transition is analyzed in order to unlock the potential that matters the most. 

Growth Transition Index

Measure you success with Growth Transition Index 

Unlock your organization's full potential

Keep track of and measure the skills and capabilities needed for the transitions to happen with the help of the Growth Transition Index.  The index takes into account the maturity level within the organization, which is measured on a recurring basis through the Growth Capability Survey, and the estimated impact each focus area has on the transitions to be made.  The Growth Capability Survey together with the Growth Transition Index empowers you with the ability to measure if you have what it takes to achieve your goal. It also helps you identify your main growth blockers and how to deal with them. 

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