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All-in-one platform to create high-value growth capability

SpryHouse Growth Capability platform is an ENTERPRISE level software for building growth and innovation capability.


SpryHouse is the result of many years of work and research in organizational development and learning. In SpryHouse, there is knowledge about what hinders and promotes an organization's ability to grow together and support for developing it. SpryHouse includes a digital platform, a framework, a toolbox and a structured process for building long-term sustainable growth.

Interested in joining our test group?

We are looking for brave organizations that want to join our test group to help us to make SpryHouse even better  …​

Take the opportunity to learn about the most common and biggest Growth blockers and how you can take a leap for sustainable success. With SpryHouse you will get everything you need to capture and develop your organization's growth capability. You will get access to the platform, a framework, a toolkit and a structured process to build a long-term sustained growth capability. ​

We need help from you ...​

We are looking for small or midsize organizations, organization's units or teams that want to turn untapped potential into breakthrough growth.


Now you have the opportunity to try out the most powerful ENTERPRISE level software for building GROWTH and innovation capability for FREE. ​

Sounds this too good? ​
We believe in that we can create amazing things, together with you! We will share all our knowledge and technology with you. And, we will fully support you during the journey (you will get all time you need from us). ​

What do we want from you?
We expect that you will try out the SpryHouse solution in your organization, team or group in close collaboration with us. We expect an open communication and feedback from you throughout the whole try out period.​

Will you get anything more?​

Of course! You leave the test period wiser and with new insights. In addition, you will have the opportunity to be among the first to have the opportunity to use SpryHouse sharply at launch.​​


SpryHouse is the growth generate solution your organizations have been waiting for.

We would love to try out SpryHouse Beta

Thanks for joing SpryHouse test group! Be sure to check your inbox for further details.

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Do you haven't time right know but want to follow our journey?​

We will keep you informed about the result from the try out/test group and you will also receive our high-valued newsletter. You can sign upp here.

Many thanks

We are so grateful that you want to help us to realize our dream with SpryHouse. A dream of a simple way to empower growth - both for people and organizations!


We have developed SpryHouse to support individuals, teams and organizations who want to contribute to a better world and create change!


No one can do everything. Everyone can do something. Together we can create magic!

Love from your SpryHouse Team

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