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Organize for growth and innovation

Webinar January 2022

The ability to do the same things faster or cheaper isn't as important as it once was. Today, what's far more important is what an organization and its people can do with the resources they have.

Success is usually measured by having reached financial goals and budgets. This way of measuring success automatically means that we get stuck in what has been and that there is an internal focus on efficiency and productivity. We stay in silos and run the business with command and control. We become reactive, avoid risk and respond to problems and opportunities with short-term initiatives.

This in turn leads to us continuing to fight for market shares in a traditional often mature market with existing products and services… which limits growth and innovation!

In addition, individuals, teams and the organization itself are largely limited and can not use their full potential.

So, we do not think this way of measuring success works anymore! Not if we want to build long-term value and healthy enduring growth. Instead, we need to measure success by whether we have moved in the right direction and created more value and impact. And we need to build growth capacity by developing the organization's way of working.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Why people, team and organizations don't use more than 40% of their potential

  • The 9 most common growth enablers

  • Why more than 70% of digital transformation fail

  • Design your organization for breakthrough growth in a fast-changing world

  • Why people and way of working are the real keys to any transformation

  • How to generate continual organic growth

  • And much more

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Helena Eketrapp

CEO & Founder



Ulrika Frank

Partner & Founder


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