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Relevant today and in the future.
Create a Transformative Organization.

SpryAI-based digital platform builds a transformative and learning organization that has the ability to operate in constant change and at the same time develop and grow sustainably and value-creating.


The ultimate end-to-end platform to develop your business into a Transformative Organization

Analyze your organization's ability to develop to a Transformative Organization

Gain knowledge about the organization's maturity within the various engines that help your organization to be able to operate in constant change and at the same time develop and grow sustainably and value-creating.

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Nine engines to develop and strengthen the Transformative Organization

The nine engines describe principles and characteristics that are common to organizations that have succeeded in building the ability to operate in constant change and at the same time develop sustainably and create value.

The organization's strategy focuses on creating lasting value and impact. Use the organization's purpose  to create a shared vision and as a basis for everything the organization does

Ability to see the organization as a system, how each part affects and works together to create long-term sustainable path choices and priorities.


Put the customer at the center, with empathy and sensitivity, in product development as well as in internal processes and decisions


Ability to quickly respond to changes in the outside world with changed and new value-creating working methods, business models and offers.

Ability to accept, implement and use the opportunities of new technology and to use technology to drive change.


Design for collaboration to promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity and that opens up different perspectives and collective learning.


Open and transparent leaders who provide mandates and work to build the ability and confidence of people and teams to make decisions and solve complex problems.


Culture where everyone is passionate and persistent in learning, developing and growing together, with a focus on seeing opportunities instead of problems and at the same time the ability to question existing assumptions.


Continuous and dynamic development of strategic skills and team collective competence.


Which organization do you want to be in?
You have a choice!

An IDLE organization has stagnated and is fighting for its right to exist with existing working methods, products and services. It is guided by short-term financial goals, directives and reporting.

An IDLE organization uses less than 40% of its potential.

Measure Growth Maturity

A SPRY* organization is constantly learning, fast-moving and full of life and energy. It grows sustainably and healthily. It is driven by its purpose and constantly yearns to deliver more value.

A SPRY organization uses more than 80% of its potential.

* A SPRY organization is a learning and transformative organization.

Spry's methodology is based on broad research and many years of experience

Behind Spry's framework and methodology lies deep and broad research and with synergies between several disciplines as well as many years of experience in relevant fields.

Stay up-to-date with our latest insights on learning and transformative organizations, digital transformation, organizational design, organizational potential, leadership, strategy and other topics relevant to your organization.

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