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Maturity scale and index

Analyze your organization maturity level to develop and grow sustainably and value-creating

Insight into the current state of the organization is oneprerequisite to be able to choose a path in the ongoing work of being a transformative and learning organization, to be able to grow sustainably and create value.

Follow the organization's journey to become a Transformative Organization

With the Spry Growth Maturity Scorecard, an organization receives support to analyze its maturity level and ability to develop into a transformative and learning organization.

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Simple analyzes that give a consistent picture of the organization's current situation

The scorecard provides knowledge of the organization's maturity within the various engines that help the organization in its movement to a transformative and learning organization.


It is possible to refine the analysis by looking at the maturity level for each country, region, organizational unit and work role depending on which settings the organization has chosen to set up. 

Spry Scorecard Graphs

Move from unawareness to living the principles of the transformative organization

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For each engine, you see the organization's maturity level on the scaleGrowth Maturity Spectrum from "Not started" to "Being". 

By continuously mapping the organization you can follow the progress and with the Spry Growth Maturity Scorecard you can compare the results over time.

Maturity index for the transformative organization

Growth Maturity Indexprovides an overall picture of the organization's maturity level and ability to transform into a learning organization as well as its conditions for using the entire organization's potential.


Gain an understanding of what has the greatest importance and impact


All engines are always important, but depending on where the organization is today and where it is going, they can still have different meanings and impacts.


By assessing the engines' importance in relation to the organization's desired movements, Spry helps with a prioritization in relation to the organization's maturity level for each engine.

Find out your organization's maturity level using proven questions

Spry Growth Maturity Survey

By asking both the organization's employees and external stakeholders in the areas that have the greatest impact on the organization's ability to be a transformative and learning organization, you quickly get a picture of the organization's maturity level and current situation. 

WithSpry Growth Maturity Survey you do not have to do the work yourself, but receive a ready-made survey with well-selected and proven questions within the nine engines for the transformation into a learning organization.


The result is presented synchronously inSpry Growth Maturity Scorecard with associated graphs that provide the opportunity for deeper analyses.

Nine engines to power a Transformative Organization

The nine engines form the basis for assessing the maturity level of the business for the transformative organization.


The nine engines describe principles and characteristics of the transformative organization. These are based on research and application as well as methodology based on systems thinking.


The nine engines include prerequisites and abilities that the organization needs to develop in order to be in constant change and in constant learning, become good at adapting to changes and drive innovation. And to be able to grow sustainably and create value. 

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