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Transformative Organizations

A Transformative Organization is and remains relevant in today's fast changing world.

In a transformative organization, the dynamism needed is created so that the organization can constantly learn, develop sustainably and create value, and move in the right direction.


To be relevant today and tomorrow.

A Transformative Organization is a complex system where technology, working methods, people and culture interact optimally.

Ways of designing organizations

Transformative and Learning organizations are better

Research shows that transformative and learning organizations are 92% better at innovating than traditional organizations.

Transformative organizations have the ability and endurance to live in constant change and at the same time develop sustainably and create value.

Learning organizations are better at listening to customers' needs, faster at adapting to the outside world, have the ability to see opportunities instead of problems and much better at creating value both for their customers and other stakeholders.

Transformative and learning organizations attract the best people - the best employees, the best customers, and the best suppliers and partners.

A transformative and learning organization uses its full potential!

Nine engines to strengthen the Transformative Organization

Spry is based on nine engines, which are critical to building and sustaining a transformative and learning organization.

The nine engines describe characteristics common to organizations that have succeeded in building a transformative and learning organization, to create long-term value and healthy, sustainable growth.


The nine engines together cover culture, people, working methods and technology and all have an influence on each other and a mutual dependence.

Motorer eng.png

In the Transformative and Learning Organization, its success is everyone's business

In the transformative and learning organization, its success, and challenges, are everyone's business. In the "regular" organization, your tasks are your business, the team's tasks are the team's business, and so on


A learning organization is a place where the people in it continuously discover how they create their reality and how they can change it to contribute to the organization's future.

In research, a transformative organization is defined as a business that has the ability to live in constant change and a learning organization as a business that constantly transforms itself to better face the future. 

The Transformative Organization has the ability to actively invest in shaping the future without losing focus on what is required to be successful today

Dubbelriktat tänkande eng.png

A transformative organization needs to develop the ability for bidirectional bidirectional thinking, i.e. be able to balance between strengthening the organization's foundation, to be relevant here and now, and at the same time actively invest in transforming the business to be relevant in the future.

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