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There's a better way to grow

Spry Growth Capability platform  
The all-in-one collaborative platform to capture and develop organizations’ growth capability

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Discover the untapped potential of your organization, and turn it into breakthrough growth

Everything you need to capture and develop your organization's growth capability

With Spry Growth Capability Platform you will receive a SaaS platform, a framework, a toolkit and a structured process to build a long-term sustained growth capability. It will enable you to discover and explore a growth framework, explore your organization's current status, develop and deploy an actionable vision of what the organisation should be - and form a concrete plan to bring this about. 

What is unique about SpryHouse is its simplicity, its holistic perspective, that it is measurable and the fact that it puts people at the very center. SpryHouse unfolds the smartness of an organization!

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Build long-term value, and healthy enduring growth by focusing on the areas that matter the most


Building growth capability means changing the way the organization works – by becoming more customer centric, clarifying the organization's​ purpose, flattening hierarchies, building trust and transparency and speeding up decision making.


It's also about helping employees develop the necessary skills, building the ability to take advantage of opportunities offered by new technology and successfully understanding both opportunities and threats in the work environment. All this is needed for an organization to truly adapt to a digital world.

Nine Focus Areas to empower your growth and innovation capability



Build lasting value, by putting the purpose at the core of the strategy with a clear and meaningful "why".


Customer Centricity

Put customer at the center when designing and developing products and processes, and when making decisions.


Transformation of work

The ability to rapidly transform what work is and how it gets done by using new tools, technology and new business models.


Technology adoption

The ability to take advantage of opportunities offered by new technology and to use technology to drive change.


Organize for agility

Organize for autonomous teams that are nimble and, have mandate to make decisions and solve complex problems.


Intentionally collaborative

Designing how to work together, within and outside the organization, to fostering inclusion and equal opportunity..


Open Leadership

Leaders embrace open principles, inclusion and work to inspire, guide and assist others.


Growth Mindset

Building a culture that fosters the belief that it is possible for everyone to learn, develop and grow.


Continual Learning

Dynamic skill building linked to desired organizational transformations. Fexibility in how and when learning occurs.


Spry Growth Capability Scorecard

Metrics for an organization's growth capability

See the status of your Growth Capability, get a recommendation where to start and put funds and efforts where they matter the most. 


Explore the maturity level for each Focus Area and continue to follow the development of capabilites within the organization


Organize for Growth and Innovation

The ability to make the same things faster or cheaper isn't as important as it once was. Today what's far more important is what an organization and its people can do with the resources they have. 

This kind of capability requires a different sort of work altogether. It requires rethinking the way we work; how we organize, how we take advantage of new technology, what we value, and what kinds of behavior we encourage or discourage. And to do that, we need to redesign our organizational structures and strategies. We need to organize for growth and innovation.

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